The Hyundai Kona Will Get It Done

At Werner Hyundai, we don't waste time advocating models or brands that aren't worth our attention. The 2020 Hyundai Kona is one of the models that deserve to be spoken highly of, for a variety of reasons around Tallahassee. This SUV has done a lot to improve the reputation of utility vehicles and deserves to be recognized on its impressive design, features, and overall quality.

One thing that definitely sets the Kona aside is its willingness to look different from the pack. With an overall smoother design that Kona will have you doing a double-take around Thomasville at its gentle curves and sloping exterior. It has a youthful feel to it, which showcases the promise of something new. While a sophisticated vehicle, it also retains a sense of rugged ability - you know that this vehicle will do everything it needs to get you where you want to be around Quincy.

The Kona comes in five available trims, each with its sense of self and design. Each is also outfitted with a variety of features, designed to give each trim its feel and identity. At Werner Hyundai, we believe the flagship Kona SE delivers more than enough to be a new standard for SUV requirements.

If you're concerned about the use of fossil fuels, there is an available all-electric version of the Kona. This vehicle is the world's first subcompact SUV to have zero emissions, making Hyundai a trendsetter in the world of utility vehicles. Consider this version of the Kona if the environment is a real area of concern for you in Crawfordsville.

The Kona gives new meaning to power and safety in one vehicle - with a 1.6-liter engine combined with the secure feeling of all-wheel drive, you'll easily be able to make any hill or curve, regardless of weather conditions in Bainbridge. The Kona is also outfitted with some impressive technology, including plenty of device connectivity and a customizable heads-up display. These features make the Kona genuinely feel like a vehicle of our modern technological era.

If you're curious to learn more about the Kona, don't hesitate to come by soon and evaluate it for yourself.

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